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capitalism schapitalism
intellectual talk makes working- class people feel left out & watch Fox
it’s just one long string of teachable moments
political aikido — use negative attention on an issue to introduce a positive solution
what’s needed is a comforting father figure
you can teach joy and success with your presence
when you’re happy, the public feels safe
feel the love — this is a special time
the “first lady” role feels dated — re-create it?
create a 21st century tradition
$ goes farther by trickling up — fund seed projects.
send ‘em to Baby College
harness American community spirit — give citizens something significant to do

within the critic’s message is the solution — address their concern

handle the emotional tenor surrounding
 an issue

rather than talking —show us

speak truth to clear the fog

thank you in advance

invite safety-net critics over to watch “the Basketball Diaries”with you
address homelessness
people who don’t read to get their news are not going to get the message — how will you reach them?
communicate with pictures of places, people and projects
could the solution be fun or funny?
make note: good things ARE happening
happiness is a warm puppy — and combining Secretary Chu’s ideas with the Stimulus.
In God we trust. All others pay cash — Jean Shepherd
Rather than giving $ away — trade it or loan it
WWW presents: FCC vs the Media Goliaths!
sometimes ya gotta get goofy.
it’s a subset of a bigger issue ... think bigger
grant “field trip” interviews to critical media pundits
— talk while touring successful demonstration programs that reflect policy goals
Q: what’s a bigger issue than the environment?  A: nothing.

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