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There’s been a lot of talk about the fake news problem — but not much talk about how to fix it. Fortunately there are a number of tweaks and remedies that can help tame the information landscape and bring truth back to front and center.   

Read the To-Do List — 33 strategies to quash fake news series

on Medium.

#1. fix the law. 

#2. reach across the divide: to the rustbelt
and beyond

#3. take charge


#4. hold fake news agitators and powerbrokers accountable


#5. use the Fox PR machine


#6. bolster the brand & the farm team

#7. protect journalism


2021 felt refreshingly sane with Biden in the White House

and Trump exiled to Mar-a-Lago. But as the 2022 elections approach, it’s looking like  ...



For sixty years Democrats held nearly uninterrupted majorities in both Houses of Congress. That ended in

1994. Since then Dems have ...

Keeping up with the changes to communication media is a little like chasing greased peas around on a plate — it’s hard to keep track ...

We’ve learned that criticizing unethical politicians and news outlets doesn’t stop bad behavior. At times it’s had the opposite effect ...


Since his excommunication from Twitter and Facebook, Trump’s been working on a new media / broadcast entity.

The Trump Media  ...




The core of the Republican Party may be decaying and splitting in half like an overripe watermelon — but the Left’s got problems too ...


Investigative journalism and newspapers are disappearing, digital media algorithms are amplifying extreme content, fact-free news ...

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