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Missoula Mercantile

Missoula Mercantile proposal
— goal: community retains a keystone building in the historic downtown area.

• hybrid spaces — with multiple activities under one roof create
a hive of movement and activity — they often become "the place
to be."

Marketplace potential tenants:
• anchor restaurant
• retail shops
• farm to table marketplace
• boutique hotel
• start-up incubator

• employ successful, business-friendly concepts that will attract investors with an affinity to the community.

• retain original Merc facade


• maintain retail interface with street/foot traffic.

• use brick cladding to tie architectural elements together — enhancing sense of place by honoring "Missoula Style". 

• smart planning principals =

create a thriving commercial district /downtown with mixed-use buildings — including retail and eateries on street level — creating a village-like, pedestrian-friendly feeling.

marketplace examples

  adaptive reuse

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